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The Canadian government regulates mortgage lending limits and mortgage insurance criteria through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). These guidelines apply to banks and major lending institutions across Canada. Ongoing restrictions along with lending guideline tightening has left many stable, responsible and credit-worthy individuals without viable home financing options.The ongoing tightening of mortgage regulation has created a very attractive, secure, opportunity for our Mortgage Investment Corporation.

With strict lending policies in place, The Solidity Group Mortgage Investment Corporation offers financing to qualified borrowers involved in home purchases or mortgage refinancing.The Solidity Group Mortgage Investment Corporation has a focused, conservative, and easy to understand business process. Capital is raised by selling preferred shares to accredited investors. These funds are pooled and lent to qualified mortgage borrowers. The net profits (interest income) generated from the mortgages are then distributed back to the shareholders.

The Solidity Group Mortgage Investment Corporation also offers a dividend re-investment program (DRIP) which automatically reinvests your dividends in order to achieve a higher return.Investments in The Solidity Group Mortgage Investment Corporation are available to Accredited Investors or corporations who invest $150,000.

What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation?,

  • A MIC is a tax exempt corporation under The Income Tax Act which invests in
    Canadian residential and commercial mortgages
  • Investors ‘pool’ their money by purchasing dividend paying preferred shares in the MIC
  • A MIC is not taxed on its own income but disburses all net income to its investors
    – Dividends are treated as interest income when received by investors
    – This makes investments in MIC’s particularly attractive for RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs