Premium Plus Text

2nd Mortgage Product up to 90% LTV
Self Employed Non-Traditional Income Validation

Stand out from the competition! Solidity is only partnering with select Dominion Lending Brokerages!

Premium Plus allows a homeowner to access an additional 15% of the value of their home.

No auto-declines, all deals considered on own merit. Speak with BDM to see if this product is right for your client.

Introductory Rate! Paying 0.5% on the total borrowings!

Appraisals ordered by lender. Cost is borrowers responsibility

Purpose Assist your self employed clients with their purchase or refinance.
Loan Amount Maximum of 15% value of home, up to 90% LTV
Number of Units 1 & 2 Units, 1 must be owner occupied
Amortization LTV > 80% up to 30 year 0.20% premium on rate
LTV < 80% up to 35 year 0.40% premium on rate
LTV < 80% Interest Only 0.60% premium on rate
Loan to value Purchase: Up to 90%
Refinance: Up to 85%
Eligibility* Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents 3+ years business operation. Must have a Canadian credit history, can not be commission based.
Terms 2 Year Term – 3 months penalty – reduced to 1 month if refinanced by DLC agent
Interest Rate Refinance Rate is Current First Nat 5 Year Rate
Lender Fee Matching recently funded 1st mortgage rate. Premium applied to full (1st & 2nd) amount borrowed as follows:

Loan to value Premium Charged
Up to 5% 3.30%
Up to 10% 3.75%
Up to 15% 5.85%

To a max of 90% of apparaised value.

Debt Service Beacon <680 GDS 35% TDS 42%
Beacon >680 GDS N/A TDS 44%
Fees $850+HST Mortgage set-up fee, closing costs paid by the borrower