Premium Plus Text

2ND mortgage product
Up to 95% LTV for refinances!

Stand out from the competition! Solidity is only partnering with select Dominion Lending Brokerages!

Premium Plus allows a homeowner to access an additional 15% of the value of their home.

No auto-declines, all deals considered on own merit. Speak with BDM to see if this product is right for your client.

Appraisals ordered by lender. Cost is borrowers responsibilty

Purpose Assist your clients with their refinance. Access up to 15% of the homes value, to a maximum 95% LTV
Loan Amount No Maximum
No Minimum
Number of Units 1 & 2 Units up to 95% LTV
3 & 4 Units up to 90% LTV
Amortization LTV > 80% up to 30 year 0.20% premium on rate
LTV > 80% up to 35 year 0.40% premium on rate
Interest Only 0.60% premium on rate
Eligibility* Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, & Newcomers.
Self Employed with 2 year
NOA grossed by 15% or
Eligible add backs.
Terms 2 Year Term – 3 months interest penalty-
reduced to 1 month if refinanced by DLC agent
Interest Rate Rate for Refinance is current 5 year First National Rate.
Matching recently funded 1st mortgage rate.
Lenders Fee Matching recently funded 1st mortgage rate. Premium applied to full (1st & 2nd) amount borrowed as follows:

Appraised Value Purchase** Refinance
Up to 5% 2.80% 3.30%
Up to 10% 3.10% 3.60%
Up to 15% 4.00% 4.50%
Debt Service Beacon <680 GDS 35% TDS 42%
Beacon >680 GDS N/A TDS 48%
Fees $850 + HST Mortgage set-up fee, and closing costs paid
by the borrower

*For borrowers without Canadian credit history where the LTV is < 80% Solidity will consider alternative sources and willingness to pay the loan.