2nd Mortgage Program TextCredit Repair Program

Stand out from the competition! Solidity is only partnering with select Dominion Lending Brokerages!

No auto-declines, all deals considered on own merit.

Solidity does not report to the credit bureau! Help re-establish your clients credit quickly with a debt consolidation!

Agent to charge broker fee.

Appraisals ordered by Solidity. Cost is borrowers responsibility.

Purpose Rebuild your clients credit with a Solidity mortgage.
Loan Amount No Maximum
No Minimum
Number of Units 1 to 4 Units
Amortization LTV under 80% up to 30 year 0.20% premium on rate
LTV under 80% up to 35 year 0.40% premium on rate
Interest Only 0.60% premium on rate
Eligibility* Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, & Newcomers. Self Employed with 2 year NOA grossed by 15% or Eligible add backs.
Terms 1 or 2 year term closed. Open with 3 month penalty-
reduced to 1 month if refinanced by DLC agent
Interest Rate 13.40% Fixed rate
Lenders Fee
Loan to value Standard Self Employed**
Up to 80% 2.75% 3.85%
80.01% to 85% 3.50% 5.50%
85.01% to 90% 4.25% 7.00%
< 80% 2.00% 3.00%
Fees $850+HST Mortgage set-up fee, and closing costs paid by the borrower

* For borrowers without Canadian credit history where the LTV is < 80% Solidity willconsider alternative sources and willingness to pay the loan.

** Self-Employed without third party income validation